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Prize money (stakes) is the lifeblood of Racing

Increasing race stakes is the most direct and immediate way to pump more money into the industry. This is good for owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys, drivers, grooms, stable hands, and in fact anyone who gets a thrill from racing in New Zealand.
Here is where you can show your loyalty to the industry we all love and care for, and tangibly support the Racing Industry in New Zealand -- by placing your insurances through ​FastTrackinsurance.

In doing so, you will personally contribute to racing nationally. It will be a continuing benefit. Every year you remain a loyal customer of FastTrackinsurance will mean increased prize money.

All you need to do to commence the process is to click on this link. You will be guided through a simple on-line application process which will result in a timely no obligation personal quotation for any type of insurance you choose.

Any connection made with the website will prompt personal contact with you, so you will enjoy personalised service and not left as a number on-line.

Please remember.......... this is about a Loyalty Programme, by which we can all personally support and be loyal to the industry we all love, assisting its competitiveness internationally and its survival as we know it today.


Why wouldn't you insure with FastTrack and
support NZ Horse Racing?

Whilst NZTR and HRNZ endorses the FastTrackinsurance initiative, BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited is solely responsible for the promotion, sale and all related insurance matters of the Specified Insurance Policies being sold via this website. FastTrackinsurance is a division of BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd.


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