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As this is a new and unique initiative to support the New Zealand racing industry, it is natural you may have some questions around it - and to ensure you have the security of ongoing insurance covers.

Within this dedicated section we have captured the key questions that we believe will arise and we will update these as others are received.

If we have not answered your particular question then please
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- Will my premiums be cheaper?
- If they are not, then why should I do this?
- What's the catch?
- How do I pay my premium?


- Can I keep my current insurer?
- Will my insurance covers be safe?
- What about any claims?
- What is the current Financial Strength Rating of my insurance company?


- How do I set the value of my car insurance?
- Will everyone be insured to drive my car?
- Can I insure my son's/daughters' car?
- Can I have replacement (Hire) vehicle while mine is being repaired after an accident?
- Will I be covered if I am going away from my home for a long period of time?
- How do I correctly insure my home?
- Is the sum insured the amount I will be paid if my home is destroyed and needs to be rebuilt?
- What do you mean by household contents?
- How do I work out the correct sum insured for my contents?
- How much do I need to insure for?
- I have an expensive piece of jewellery (or painting, collection or ornament), how do I know it is covered for its full value?
- What about my Farm or Commercial business?


- Is this website secure?


- How will my local Racing Club benefit?
- How much of my premium is contributed to the racing industry?
- Must I belong to a Racing Club to participate?


Who is BrokerWeb Risk Services (BWRS)?


Will my premiums be cheaper?

Possibly, but not necessarily – You accessed the FastTrackinsurance website in order to support racing in NZ. We make no claims to reducing premiums but we will match or better your current arrangements ALL FOR THE SAKE OF RACING.

You have the choice of policies at all times. They can be broader or more limited than your existing policies and the premiums will change according to your choices.

We believe when you place your insurances through the FastTrackinsurance website you will not only be looking to increase racing prize money, but also be aiming to get the insurance policies and cover best suited to your needs, so cheaper premiums are not necessarily the goal of FastTrackinsurance.


If they are not, then why should I do this?

To help the NZ racing industry and your local Racing Club - We believe you were going to review and pay for your insurances anyway - all we are asking is for you to consider your options and join up via the dedicated FastTrack insurance website.

What's the catch?

None – Because terms and covers will be offered in the normal manner and at your expiring sums insured (unless you instruct us otherwise) but - and here's the difference: you pay your premiums via the secure NZTR and HRNZ endorsed dedicated website using Payment Express money management service, certified for all major credit cards, or via easy monthly payments.

How do I pay my premium?

There are various options for payment of your premium.  You can pay by direct credit into the bank account number noted on your invoice.  You can pay online by credit card, either Visa or Mastercard.  Please note a 1.9% service fee is charged for this credit card facility.  We can also arrange for you to pay monthly.  This payment option is arranged by BWRS through a finance company so there will be a small interest charge added but BWRS will make sure this is competitive in todays market and make it nice and easy for you’.
Please check BWRS website for further details of payment



Can I keep my current insurer?

It depends on who you are insured with.  Not all insurers will deal with insurance brokers and only deal with the public direct. BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd (of which FastTrackinsurance is a division of) will only place insurance with intermediated insurance companies with a Standard and Poor's Financial Strength Rating of "A" or above, to guarantee the security of claims paying ability for our clients.
If you are currently insured with one of these 'direct' only insurers, we will need to move your covers.  You will always have the final decision on what covers you accept.

Will my insurance covers be safe?

Yes – Your insurance will be placed through a reputable NZ based insurance company with a Standard and Poor's Financial Strength Rating of not less than "A" grade. 

Instant confirmation of cover is provided once your chosen insurance is selected and premium paid.

What about any claims?

No worries – Claims will be registered in the normal manner - BUT - you have the added benefit of total assistance from BrokerWeb Risk Services and their professional claims team, via either the FastTrackinsurance website or a specific 0800 claims support number.


What is the current Financial Strength Rating of my insurance company?

These are set by international rating agency Standard and Poor's – Please click on the name of your insurance company below, all of whom support the FastTrackinsurance programme, to take you to that insurers website to show this current detail:

NZI Insurance     Vero Insurance



Setting the value of my car insurance

Depending on the insurance company we place your car insurance with, will determine your options for setting a value for your vehicle.  All insurance companies offer market value and some offer agreed value.
Market value is the current retail value of your vehicle.  This is the amount that the insurance company would pay out in the event of a claim so it is important that you have this value correct, there is no use paying a premium on a value for you vehicle if that is no longer the current market value as you will never get this paid out for a claim.  You can obtain this by ringing a car dealership, or looking on TradeMe to ascertain what a similar make, model and mileage to your vehicle is retailing for.

In regards to agreed value, this will be agreed between yourself and your insurance company.

Will everyone be insured to drive my car?

In most cases, yes, so long as they have your permission to drive and hold a current, clean, drivers licence. Any drivers under the age of 25 years may not be covered unless they are listed as drivers on your policy. Please give us a call if you are uncertain.

Can I insure my son's/daughter's car?

Only if you are the registered owner of the vehicle. If you are, then you must note who the regular driver is on the proposal form, so your insurer knows who usually drives the vehicle.  Your son or daughter can insure their vehicle direct via this website if they wish.

Can I have a replacement (Hire) vehicle while mine is being repaired after an accident?

Usually - but there is an additional cost, and this option must be selected when you take out your insurance.

Will I be covered if I am going away from my home for a long period of time?

Yes - But if your home is going to be vacant for more than 90 days, you MUST let us know in advance.

Insuring my home correctly

Most insurance companies offer replacement cover of the rebuild value of the home, however some that BWRS deal with do offer replacement via the size of the home. We will discuss this with you when we go over your insurance needs.

Setting the rebuild value of your home can be tricky.  You need to take into consideration the location, age, construction materials, professional fee costs and demolition costs.  If you have ‘’other’’ factors like retaining walls, swimming pool, solar panels etc, these also need to be considered.  This is one of the reasons why it is always a good idea to involve a broker as we can advise you around what does and doesn't need to be included.  We would always recommend that you engage the services of an insurance valuer to correctly value the rebuild cost of the home as this will give you peace of mind that you are fully covered should a total loss incident occur (earthquake for example).  

You can also use an online calculator which can give you a guide of the rebuild value of your home, but please be aware this is a GUIDE only and may not accurately reflect the build value, please discuss this with your BWRS broker. 


Is the sum insured the amount I will be paid if my home is destroyed and needs to be rebuilt?

The sum insured is the MAXIMUM amount that will be paid towards rebuilding your house. If the sum insured is not enough, you would have to pay the difference. If the cost to rebuild is lower than what your house is insured for, then only the cost of rebuilding will be paid.

What do you mean by household contents?

Domestic furniture and furnishings (that can be removed from the property), appliances, clothing and other personal effects, including, but not limited to, jewellery, sports equipment, cameras, etc. Please note that there is limited levels of cover for items such as jewellery, cameras, sports equipment, including bikes.  There is also limited levels of cover for works of art, collections and ornaments.  All limits will be specified in your insurance policy, please speak to a BWRS broker for further details.

How do I work out the correct sum insured for my contents?

This link will  help you consider everything in your home, to ensure you select the correct sum insured. Kindly supplied by NZI Insurance.

How much do I need to insure for?

Unfortunately most people in New Zealand are underinsured for their contents.  Most people think they may never lose all of their contents.  However, for example, fire claims are more common than what we think.

According to FENZ (Fire & Emergency New Zealand) there were 5,588 structure claims in 2020 in New Zealand. 
So while BWRS cannot advise you of the sum insured (as everyone's contents value is different depending on what they have), we will talk to you about this and give you the best advice around setting a more accurate sum insured.

I have an expensive piece of jewellery (or painting, collection or ornament), how do I know it's covered for its full value?

Depending on the type of cover you select will depend on the maximum value or any one piece of jewellery is covered for without being specifically noted on your policy. There is also generally a limited total amount that all your jewellery will be insured for. To have it covered for its full value you will need to provide a current valuation (within the last 12 months) from a registered valuer.  Please note there is also a sum insured limit for all of your unspecified jewellery.  Should you have a large amount of jewellery please give us a call to ensure we have these insured correctly. 

What about my Farm or Commercial Business?

We would be happy to assist you with any of these, but cannot do so via this web site at present.  Please contact us through our 0800 number (0800 722369), or email via the 'Contact Us' page. 


Is the website secure?

Yes because it is well managed by BrokerWeb Risk Services, a prominent and reputable New Zealand based national insurance broking house. Further information on this successful company can be found on

I have submitted my proposal but didn't receive a confirmation.  What do I do?

Please give us a call on 0800 722 369 to ensure your proposal was received.


How will my local Racing Club benefit?

Greatly – if you tick the box on the website application to elect to have your contribution passed to your local or preferred Racing Club, then prize money allocated on races run by your chosen Club will be boosted by 60% of NZ Thoroughbred Racing's and Harness Racing NZ share of your brokerage, with the balance allocated to the national prize money structure. 

If you do not nominate a Club, then your support will go into the national prize money pool.  In both cases we will show the amount of your valuable contribution.

At all times, contributions are collected for the purpose of increasing racing stakes.

How much of my premium is contributed to the racing industry? 

It varies – because each premium is different based upon your selected levels of insurance cover.

Must I belong to a Racing Club to participate?

No – all you have to be is a fan of racing! You do not have to be in the industry - just want to support increased racing stakes.


Who is BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited?

They are an independently owned New Zealand insurance broking house, formed in 2006 which now has six national offices and over 100 employed insurance professionals.

NZTR and HRNZ has chosen BrokerWeb Risk Services to manage and run the important FastTrackinsurance initiative.
Further information on this successful company can be found by following
this link.

Can I stay with my current Broker?

Unfortunately not at this point in time – This is because NZTR and HRNZ have chosen BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited to be their insurance supplier of choice for this important Initiative. Therefore, only by accessing and purchasing your domestic insurance via this authorised website is racing able to directly benefit from your contribution, as no other insurance broker is able to provide this direct benefit. However working with other brokers with volume business is something we are looking at in the future.

In the interim if you would like to please advise us who your broker is (including the name of the company they work for) by accessing our Contact Us page via this link, then we can capture this detail and work out the best way to accommodate you in the future. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.






Whilst NZTR and HRNZ endorses the FastTrack insurance initiative, BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited is solely responsible for the promotion, sale and all related insurance matters of the Specified Insurance Policies being sold via this website. FastTrack Insurance is a division of BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd.



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