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Racing Club Benefits


Compared with times past, it has become more difficult for any Racing Club in New Zealand to compete against other recreational forms of entertainment and secure more of the limited discretionary dollars that average New Zealanders have. 

However, Clubs remain as motivated as they ever have to find ways of increasing the levels of stakes paid at their race meetings.

This is why NZTR & HRNZ and their chosen insurance providers, BrokerWeb Risk Services, have come up with a positive and innovative solution to these challenges.

NZTR & HRNZ positively endorse this initiative in making the following statement:

"NZ Thoroughbred Racing & Harness Racing NZ are excited by the potential of FastTrackinsurance.


NZTR & HRNZ proudly endorse FastTrackinsurance and we look forward to its future success with great interest, as it has the potential to provide a significant increase in monies for race stakes, which will provide a boost to us all, owners, trainers, workers, breeders, and all of those who simply love racing.


However, the ultimate success of the initiative will be due to the support of participants and fans of racing.


FastTrackinsurance is managed by BrokerWeb Risk Services, one of New Zealand’s largest insurance broking and insurance marketing firms. NZTR & HRNZ's partnership with BrokerWeb Risk Services is testament to our belief in its professionalism, expertise, staff and systems.

NZTR & HRNZ encourage you to make enquiries with FastTrackinsurance for your insurance needs, and we look forward to reporting the benefits FastTrackinsurance brings to all involved in thoroughbred racing in New Zealand."

FastTrackinsurance is all about asking Racing Club members and the local racing fraternity to arrange their domestic insurances through a common facility, whereby a proportion of paid premium revenue will be applied by NZTR or HRNZ as an increment to prize money paid at Club's race meetings.

The benefit you can provide is not a one-off. Every year that you remain a loyal customer of FastTrackinsurance means an ongoing boost to stakes for your Club.

Insurance - especially domestic insurance - is a commodity that the majority of people purchase, to protect our most important and valuable assets plus our personal treasures. We want to redirect a contribution from the premiums you pay to "Raise the Stakes" for NZ racing.

Through the simple process of Club members and supporters of racing choosing to place their insurances via FastTrackinsurance - as opposed to other channels - a portion of your premium goes directly towards increasing prize money paid on race meetings held by your favourite Racing Club.

This benefits YOUR chosen Club by:

  • having funds that are specific for use as stake monies
  • provides supportive funds in addition to existing sponsorship arrangements
  • creating more exciting race meetings through better fields and class horses
  • generating more punters through the turn-styles
  • increased participation by owners, and draws new owners to meetings due to the increased prize money, and 
  • raising racings profile in the local community.
You CAN make a significant difference for Racing in New Zealand with FastTrackinsurance.
All you need to do to commence the process is to click on this link. You will be guided through a simple on-line application process which will result in a timely no obligation personal quotation for any class of domestic insurance you choose.

Any connection made with the website will prompt personal contact with you, so you will enjoy personalised service and not left as a number on-line.

PLEASE REMEMBER.......... this is about a Loyalty Programme, by which we can all personally support and be loyal to the industry we all love, assisting its competitiveness internationally and it's vibrancy as we know it today.




Whilst NZTR and HRNZ endorses the FastTrack insurance initiative, BrokerWeb Risk Services Limited is solely responsible for the promotion, sale and all related insurance matters of the Specified Insurance Policies being sold via this website. FastTrack Insurance is a division of BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd.



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